Accelerating Africa’s Supply Chain

Empowering businesses large and small across a growing economy

PALLI: a B2B platform for credit and payments driving business growth in Africa’s Supply Chain

Growth Without Cash

PALLI addresses Africa's rapidly expanding consumer market by enabling small businesses to bypass slow, costly external financing. By ensuring immediate inventory access and enhanced turnover, we benefit both buyers and suppliers, aligning the entire supply chain with market demand.

Accelerating the Supply Ecosystem

PALLI enhances the supply chain by shortening lengthy payment cycles, boosting supplier cash flow and operational efficiency. This strengthens the entire network, making businesses more resilient and adaptable to both current demands and future challenges.

Impact: Growing Business and Changing Lives in Uganda


Increased Revenue with PALLI


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"Business zetagga okukwatilwamu, Business zetaggamu omukono okukula. Abantu abatakilaba bateera okulemelerwa business!"
"Businesses need support. Businesses need to understand that they cannot grow alone. They need services like this!"Semambo Wholesale


PALLI was born from Jon's years of mentoring small businesses across Africa and Francis’s deep-rooted experience in Ugandan communities. Witnessing the challenges and the vital role these businesses play, we realized the transformative power of trust and cooperation within these communities. Our vision at PALLI is to harness these values to revolutionize Africa’s supply chain, creating a self-reliant marketplace powered by robust internal networks. We’re not just building a business; we’re nurturing a sustainable ecosystem for community-led economic growth.

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Customer Feedback


PALLI is changing the outlook of small business owners in Africa

You have helped us so much. I used to have a lot of stockouts because I had limited access to credit to support my business growth. Even for items I had, once a customer found that I lacked one or two items on their list, they would go find the next shop that had everything. Now, we get a lot of customers because they know we have everything we need.Andrew, Small Business Owner

I can't believe it's true